Tundra - Tundra (2019)

Tundra - Tundra

Using Tabla, saz, bul bul tarang, tundra presents their audience with a lot of instruments they don’t know very well. The band from Aalborg (DK) recorded the album themselves, and asked if i wanted to do the mixing.

Tundra - Tundra (2019)

Tundra - Tundra (2019)

I was asked to mix six of the eight songs on Tundras debut album Tundra.

It has been a pleasure working with the amazing instrumentalists Sofie Trolle (vocals), Thorbjørn Lervig (drums and Percussion), Frederik Snæland (guitar), Rasmus Bak Christiansen (guitar) Nikolaj Svaneborg (Keys) and Jeppe Ablidgaard (bass).

I’ve mixed:
Finding My Relligion
The Center

The album was recorded by Thorbjørn Lervig and Rune Lak, in various studios in Denmark, and mastered by Rune Lak

Listen to the album here: