Fleør - Fata Morgana

Two years in the studio ended in this recording. Fleør wanted to create the album in the studio, with their favourite musicians.

Fleør - Fata Morgana (2018)

Fleør - Fata Morgana (2018)

Recording, Mixing and Mastering
This album was very personal for me. Miriam and Nicolai asked me if i wanted to record, produce, mix and master their debut album Fata Morgana.

Their vision was to create the album in the studio, and the process from demo tapes to final master took almost two years. Throughout the process ti was important to get the concept right, and keep the red line through the songs.

We did all the recordings in Polyfon Studio (Hinnerup, Denmark) i 2016, and finished the record in a small Project studio at Frontløberne (Aarhus, Denmark), one month before releasing the album

Listen to the album here: