Who’s behind?


Asbjørn Kjærgaard-Pedersen

Probably the least international name my parents could come up with… but that shouldn’t come between us.



In 2015 i started the company Basbjørn. Everywhere i was met with scepticism when i told people, that i wanted to make a living from sound. So i decided to prove them all wrong, and i started the company with a “fuck it, im just gonna do it”-attitude.

That attitude has always been a big part of me and the company as well. I want to do stuff, different stuff, i want to see projects get aired, i want to learn from my mistakes and i want to get emotionally moved with everything i do.

Since 2015, lots of tings has happened. Especially in 2018, when i started on Sonic College, to be a sounddesigner with both a technical and creative approach to sound. I keep working on projects during the time i’m studying, constantly implementing new tools and exploring new fields in sound-bizz.  


Asbjørn Kjærgaard-Pedersen
Jægergårdsgade 154 C, 1 TV
8000 Aarhus C
CVR: 37330809